Friday, July 17, 2009

Gold Stocks

There are many gold stock and gold share investment newsletters issued by various financial and gold analysts which one can study and follow.

Some of them are free and some are by paid subscription only. They come out on a regular basis usually monthly or weekly and in many cases, you can download a sample newsletter to see what it is like and if it is one you want to read on a regular basis.

Gold Stocks
Gold stocks are basically those shares or quantities of ownership in a company that administers gold, gold mining or gold in storage that one can buy and hold with a purpose of gaining a financial advantage, usually through the increased value of those stocks or shares or through dividends or a profit share issued to all holders of that stock or share.

Gold stocks can be much more volatile than gold prices as no two gold companies are the same. This adds many variables, such as companies management policy, mining diversification and other factors making it difficult to analyze the overall trend.

To quote Alan Snyder of Snyder Capital Management in San Francisco "Gold has all kinds of varying grades, meaning grams of gold per ton of rock." This means that the amount of gold obtainable from a ton of ore can vary depending on the quality of the grade of ore. Some ores might return ten grams of gold per ton while others may only return one gram. This affects the cost of production per ounce of course and so can have a big bearing on the overall cost of gold production for that company and is something that should be known about that mining company.

Let’s say for example it cost a company, $500 dollars per ounce to get an ounce of gold out of the ground. Provided the gold price remains well over the $500 mark per ounce then the company will make money. If the gold price, however, were to fall below $500 an ounce, for example less gold is obtainable per ton of ore processed, then the company will stop mining gold as its unprofitable. This is the operating leverage and this will vary with each company depending on their ore deposits and costs of operation in the country they are mining.

In addition, many gold mining companies, to offset potential losses, mine more than one mineral on the basis that they can gain on the swings that which they lose on the roundabout.

Companies must also list any reserves they have as deposits that are profitable to mine at current gold prices. So when the price of gold goes up, "a lot of ore that was too costly to mine at yesterday's price and therefore was not counted in reserves is now profitable and is counted in reserves," Snyder has pointed out.

Investors will value gold stocks and gold shares based on their price relative to reserves. When reserves go down, stock prices and shares will follow and when they go up so will the stock prices.

An additional complication when investing in gold stocks is that a company may ‘hedge’ or sell forward. This means it sells its production before it has happened. An example of this is selling a product before you have made it. This fixes the price of the product. A good example of this is just a couple of years ago at a time when gold prices were moving up, shares in Barrick Gold -- a large, stable company -- actually dropped because it had hedged a lot of its production. "The perception was, if gold goes up, Barrick won't benefit," says Lynn Russell, a gold-fund analyst at Morningstar. So it is important, when looking at investing in particular gold mining companies, to understand the management strategy as far as deposits and forward selling is concerned as this can greatly affect the value of the stock in that company.

Gold Stock Newsletters
So how you pick which is the best gold stock and investment letter to follow is a good question.

Most include information on:
Gold Stocks
Gold Shares
Gold stock investing
Gold stock prices
When gold stocks are going down
When gold stocks are going up
They can also include information on:
Australian gold stocks
American gold stocks
Canadian gold Stocks
Chinese gold stocks
African and South African gold stocks
Gold etf (exchange traded funds) shares
Junior gold stocks
Gold penny stocks
Gold stock warrants
Among other gold related issues and investment potentials.

All of the gold stock analysts are into predicting or trying to predict the future of gold stocks, gold shares and gold mining companies. Are gold stocks going up? Are gold stocks going down? What the best gold stock to invest in and similar issues.

These newsletters are covering, then, what the gold price going to do in months and years ahead and what sort of gold stocks or gold shares one should invest in. Also the gold stocks history and past performance as well as analysis by charts with the usual tools of technical analysis and fundamental approaches.

All of them, of course, display somewhere a disclaimer that they are not giving specific advice on investment or any financial advice. This is mainly to protect themselves from being sued by their readers or subscribers in the event that that subscriber or reader suffers a reversal of fortune or, in plain English, looses a lot of money as a result of following the advice or suggestions contained in the newsletter.

The write ups in this section of are basic information on the major gold stock and investment newsletters including who they are, a short bio or history, what they advise on and if the newsletter is free or needs to be subscribed to and if so how much it costs.

One should keep in mind that the discussions and look forwards in these newsletters are simply an opinion, informed of course, of the authors of the newsletter.

With that in mind many of them contain a lot of useful information, particularly about gold companies, what their management strategy is, their price history, any forward selling and much more. All very useful and can help one to make a decision about what to invest and where.

But the final decision will always rest with the investor, after all it is his or her money!

Gold Stock Newsletter Reviews

Here are some links to write up reviews to the more common and popular gold stock newsletters.
Aden Forecast
Big Gold
Dines Letter
Exploration Insights
Freemarket Gold Money Report
Fleckstein Newsletter
Global Watch Gold Forecaster
Gold World
Gold Newsletter
Gold Stock Bull Newsletter
Global Speculator
Ormetal Gold Stocks Newsletter
Harry Schultz Letter
Stealth Investor Newsletter
Taylors Gold Energy Tech Stocks
VR Gold Newsletter
Wall Street Window Newsletter
Zeal LLC Gold Stock Newsletter
Gold Investment
It should be born in mind that no one can predict the future when it comes to gold stocks and investments and all one can do is indicate potential or possible trends based on various factors that can affect the investment. In all cases one should consult with one’s own financial advisors before embarking on any investment as, not only is it important what one invests in and with how much, but also different types of investments have different tax implications and only you and your financial consultant understands your own tax position and what is the best investment for you.

One of the best investment vehicles for gold has always been the metal itself. There are no companies to take into consideration, no extra variables such as management strategies, other activities by companies that can affect their value and stock price.

But with the flow of information available from gold stock and investment newsletters, investors in gold can move further towards making an informed decision about how they would like to invest in gold.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gold Stock

Gold stock investment information is important when it comes to gold stock investing so here are some points to consider when investing in gold stocks and gold shares

Some people can unintentionally bypass the meanings of terms used in the gold stocks and gold shares and even investment arena. It pays to thoroughly understand all the terms before reading a gold stock newsletter in order to get a real understanding of what can sometimes be a very technical report on a company. So perhaps getting a list of the terms and words used and looking them up and getting really acquainted with their meaning would be a good start to gold stock investing.

Consult with your financial advisors on what is the best type of investment for you and who to invest in when it comes to gold stocks, gold shares, gold etfs and the like. In addition you will also need to take into consideration your tax position as some investments can incur a tax while others may give a tax advantage. If one is a professional investor it is also likely that subscriptions to gold stock newsletters would be tax deductible.

There are heaps of gold stock newsletters available which give up to date information about many of the gold mining companies and other forms of gold investment such as gold etfs (gold exchange traded funds), current gold stock prices, gold penny stocks and gold stock investing. One can review many samples of these and see which one provides the sort of information one is looking for.

Not putting put all one’s eggs in one basket. An old saying but a very true one. When it comes to gold stocks and gold shares, it is a good idea to diversify one’s holdings. Perhaps some gold shares in gold mining companies but certainly some in real gold not just gold stocks or shares.

The price of gold stocks can vary with each gold company and if an investor keeps all their investment in only one, and it fairs badly, they can lose a good portion of their investment capital.

By the same token, owning too many gold stocks can be a disadvantage. This can happen when an investor keeps buying every time they ‘hear’ of a good gold stock and can end up with 20, 30 or more different stocks, they can end up not so much with a diversified stock range but are simply matching gold stock indexes such as the XAU or HUI. Then if this index goes up or down, their investment will match that and so, in effect, their ‘extra’ diversification becomes one investment and subject to the dangers of that. Many wise gold stock investors apply the principle of “10”, which is to say, they stick to having no more than ten investments in the gold stock arena. There are two advantages to this. Any fall will not cause too much damage but if there is a healthy raise in the price then this can impact very well on a total portfolio. The other advantage is that it helps one to apply discipline. If one wants to buy further gold stock then one would re-examine the current portfolio and maybe even update it.

Ounce for ounce gold stocks are not always equal. The cost of producing an ounce of gold can vary not just with different companies but also with different drilling locations by the gold mining company. Even holes drilled by as little as 15 or 20 feet can make a difference in the cost of an ounce of gold. The US SEC require a mining company to report the results of only one type of ounce totals. Other factors, such as the economics of processing the ore for gold, usually done by an independent feasibility study, need to be looked at. These are then called the Proven and Probable Reserves and should be looked at when considering investing in gold mining stocks.

The most important point of course is to do a though due diligence on any gold stock or gold share one is contemplating investing in. The secret to any investment in gold is to really study as much gold stock investment information as you can.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Exploration Insights Newsletter

The Exploration Insights Newsletter is primarily concerned with gold mining and resource mining companies and stocks. Brent Cook is the editor and publisher.

The Exploration Insights newsletter was launched in February 2008, and selectively covers gold stocks and gold junior mining and exploration investment opportunities.

Brent Cook, is a well known a renowned Exploration Analyst and Geologist, with over twenty-five years of experience providing economic and geologic evaluations to major mining companies, resource funds and investors. Cook has worked in over 50 countries on almost every mineral deposit type ranging from grassroots projects through feasibility studies and bank audits. He was the principal Mining and Exploration Analyst to Global Resource Investments in 2003 where he provided analysis to retail brokers and two in-house funds.

Cook has earned a reputation for doing the research and spotting which junior gold mining and exploration companies have the best chance of beating the odds and where rocks have the greatest potential for producing profit. Cook is an experienced professional geologist who has examined properties in more than 60 countries as well as learning the investment side of the business from such masters as Rick Rule.

Brent originally inherited investor/analyst editor Paul van Eeden's newsletter and re-purposed it into Exploration Insights.

Exploration Insights offers the sophisticated speculator independent and unbiased analysis of the junior mining and exploration market. It is written and produced on a weekly basis by Brent Cook, a veteran geologist and mining stock analyst.

Brent Cook is often on the road. Some of that time away is spent speaking at resource and investment conferences across the world. You can Check out the events listing on the website to see where Brent is speaking next.

Subscription to the Exploration Insights Newsletter is a flat US$1,985 per annum. You can save 15% off the annual subscription rate by making use of their monthly auto-bill feature also. The monthly rate is US$140 charged to your Visa or MasterCard.

Exploration Insights offers a ground zero analysis of gold stocks and gold mining companies, with particular attention to up and coming junior gold stocks and so could be well worth an investment for the professional gold stocks investor.

Monday, July 13, 2009

VR GoldLetter Newsletter

Mark Leibovit, CIMA, AIF, is the originator of the VR Goldletter Newsletter. He is the Chief Market Strategist for VRtrader.Com. His technical expertise is in overall market timing and stock selection based upon his proprietary VOLUME REVERSAL (tm) methodology and Annual Forecast Model.

Mr. Leibovit has been a member of Midwest Options Exchange and the Chicago Board Options Exchange where he became a market maker in 1976. In 1979, after consulting with several regional brokerage firms, he left the floor and began publishing his newsletter, The Volume Reversal Survey, now called the He holds CIMA (Certified Investment Management Analyst) and AIF (Accredited Investment Fiduciary) designations and is a member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA), the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) and the CFA Institute.
The website has been online since January 2009.

The VR GoldLetter Newsletter looks at short and long-term technical projections for Gold ETFs, Large and Small Cap Gold Stocks and physical precious metals, with some commentary and a number of useful charts. They provide an analysis of GLD, IAU, and DGP, including market corrections with DGZ and DZZ. In addition, they cover junior and senior gold and silver stocks and gold and silver shares. The approach is basically momentum-aided volatility trading, a strategy somewhat similar to that of Befriend the Trend Trading and Lenny Dykstra (although the latter uses long-only trades of deep-in-the-money call options).

The subscription plans available include:
A one month special offer for $62.50. After the one month a standard subscription pricing of $125 per month applies. All prices are subject to change.

A flat 12 month subscription for $1350.
If you don't wish to subscribe online, then you can call or fax or email your credit card information including the name on the card, the card number, the expiry date and Security Code (CCV), phone number and subscription length required.

The VR GoldLetter Newsletter arrives weekly via e-mail, with alert bulletins as market conditions dictate.

The VR GoldLetter Newsletter is an interesting variation on the usual investment strategy of investing in gold stocks and gold efts. It could be worth a look with a one month trial for a professional investor.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

WallStreetWindow Newsletter

The WallStreetWindow Newsletter is produced by Mike Swanson.

Swanson holds a Masters Degree in history from the University of Virginia and has been a professional trader for over 6 years. He is also the head of the Strategic Investment Committee for Daniel Capital Management.

WallStreetWindow has a predecessor. Began in 1999 a small investment newsletter known as The Stock Market Report, primarily distributed to a few close friends and business associates only. On the basis of that and Swanson's ability to find profitable investment opportunities, the WallStreetWindow was launched. With now over 16,000 subscribers. This success led to a rise in demand for access to his research, and Mike started the successful website WallStreetWindow, that now has over 16,000 subscribers. Since its formation, his popularity as "TraderMike" has continued to grow, and the accuracy and timeliness of his research has paid dividends for his many subscribers, particularly in gold stocks.

Mike Swanson was one of those that, in the first quarter of 2002, recommended gold stocks as a healthy future investment. This was a highly successful prediction as we know with gold stocks, the gold price and gold futures then rising over 150 percent, and Swanson still favors gold stocks and still promotes them.

A subscription to WallStreetWindow is free and each issue contains free investment ideas, market commentary, and educational material.

Membership is confidential and WallStreetWindow do not share or distribute your email with anyone. When you subscribe you receive an update on the gold market every week along with actionable investment ideas that you can turn into real money.
Some of the topics on the website include:
Stock Market News
Gold Stocks
Technical Analysis
Stock Picks
Emerging Markets
Gold Mining Stocks
Gold Futures
As a free newsletter with some useful information, advice and educational material, the WallStreetWindow is certainly worth a go.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Market Force Analysis Newsletter

The Market Force Analysis Newsletter, including a regular analysis of the gold stocks and gold futures markets along with other commodities, is produced by Adrian Douglas.

The website is and has been registered since August 2006 and online since March 2007.

Adrian Douglas graduated from Cambridge University in 1980 in Natural Sciences then worked for 20 years in the Oil & Gas Industry with Schlumberger reaching a senior management position in Marketing and Sales. Adrian is known for having established a highly successful consultancy business specializing in pricing and marketing called InnovoMark, or Innovative Marketing, during which he developed methodologies related to pricing and marketing which have since been incorporated into various proprietary training programs.

Adrian has developed a unique algorithm and methodology to analyzing financial futures markets called "Market Force AnalysisTM" (MFATM). John Embry of Sprott Asset Management, has spoken of the technique on ROBTV on Canadian Television.

Adrian also makes a daily contribution to commenting on precious metals and the financial markets in general. Many of his specialized articles have been published at the le metropole cafe and can be found in the "published articles' section.

Market Force Analysis is a different approach to commodity market analysis and so can be applied to the gold stock market and gold mining stocks and shares markets. According to the web site:
"A unique algorithm has been developed to extract supply and demand from futures market data. The difference between supply and demand is the market imbalance which is called market force, so named because it is that which drives price. This is an extremely powerful and accurate way of analyzing commodity markets. It brings clarity to past market action and predicts future market trends. It allows the market of any commodity to be characterized as Bull, Bear or neutral and it indicates good entry and exit points for market participants."
It is a very comprehensive newsletter on gold stocks as well as gold market forces and is available in two versions. The standard Report for individual users and the Premium Report for professional users.

One applies for a subscription by membership and there are two memberships available.

Pro Membership with a $3000 Annual Subscription and automatic renewal
This is for professional users. It allows a commercial use. All commodities are Premium level with commodities individually charged at a monthly rate in addition to membership.

The Pro Membership Free Trial is available for three months. Note that commodities are charged individually at a monthly rate during this free membership period and all commodities are at premium level.

Membership for individual and personal use only is free. Note that commodities are charged individually on a monthly basis with automatic renewal. All commodities are Standard level except gold & silver which is offered at a Premium level.

The Market Force Analysis Newsletter provides an excellent in depth analysis of gold stocks and market forces relating to gold issues and is well worth an individual subscription.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gold Stock Analyst

Gold Stock Analyst reports on gold stocks of those precious metal miners in production or near production as evidenced by a completed bankable feasibility study.

The Gold Stock Analysts is one of the more expensive gold stock newsletters at 695 dollars for a year’s subscription. For that the subscriber gets:

Monthly Gold Stock Analyst newsletter - typically 16 pages - with their top 10 stock recommendations, in depth analysis, a Mid Month 2-4 page update, immediate online access to all back issues going back to 2004 and a newsletter available as soon as published - as a PDF downloaded from the website

The Editor is John Doody. Although John Doody has no formal “rock” studies apart from "Introductory Geology" at Columbia he does hold a BA in Economics from Columbia and an MBA in Finance from Boston University. Doody has been an economics professor for around 20 years and made a intensive study of the gold price and gold’s relationship to currency.

John Doody also popularized the metric called Market Cap per ounce. Here a company's stock market capitalization (number of shares times stock price) is divided by the ounces produced per year, or its ounces of Proven and Probable Reserves. This was done to solve the dilemma of and determine which gold stocks represent the best value at any given point in time. As a result of this Market Cap metric, Doody's newsletter covers only producers or near-producers that have an independent feasibility study validating that its reserves are economic to produce.

There is a sample newsletter one can download that shows lots of gold stock, gold share and gold mining company details, lists and charts. The information on various companies and gold stock price charts and graphs is very much up to date and Gold stock Analysts specializes in making information as up to date as possible. One does need to be very familiar with gold stocks and gold mining companies, currency issues and the relationships between gold and currency to get the most out of this newsletter. Overall a very professional newsletter with a gold mine (no pun intended) of information. Remarkably the Gold Stock Analyst Top 10 Stocks portfolio has had an average gain of around 30 percent per annum.

The website contains lots of information, advice and video interviews which are available for the casual browser.

Subscription is 295 for three months or 695 dollars for a full year. One can also subscribe for two years for a cost of 1,095 dollars. Payment is by credit card with the emphasis on American Express.

You can order online or print out an application for and mail it to Gold Stock Analyst at Box 7440, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33338, or fax or call your subscription in.

This is probably one of the most detailed and comprehensive gold stock investment newsletters available and is certainly true to its name of Gold Stock Analyst.

Beacon Rock Research

Beacon Rock Research does not have a gold stocks newsletter as such but they do focus more on the gold mining companies and gold exploration companies and provide some useful information about gold mining and gold exploration companies. Beacon Rock Research states they are an independent research firm set up to provide information and opinion on gold mining and metals companies. The website has been online since 20th of July 2005.

The founder of Beacon Rock Research, LLC., is Mike Niehuser. Niehuser was formerly a Vice President and Senior Equity Analyst with the Robins Group, LLC, a registered broker dealer. He graduated from Pacific Coast Banking School in 1998, transitioning into investment research to become the RedChip Review's bank analyst from 2000 to 2003.

Niehuser is also the author of a prolific number of research reports, many of which can be found on site, and related articles on investing in small cap companies, particularly gold companies. He is a generalist with expertise in recognizing value in under-followed companies in a wide variety of sectors. He currently holds NASD Series 7, 63, 86 and 87 licenses.

One can join up for a free account where information is sent on a irregular basis concerning gold mining and exploration companies. There are no charts or graphs on future gold price but this is more about focusing on information about the actual companies, what they are doing and what results they are getting or expect to get. The information contained within the Beacon Rock Research website does include corporate presentations, live price charts, and their research analysis and opinions.
The web site also features a number of visual presentations from various gold stock and gold mining companies so one can get a good understanding of gold mining and gold exploration companies.

Beacon Rock Research is based in Portland Oregon, USA and Niehuser can be contacted by email or phone.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dines Letter

James Dines, the originator of Dines newsletter, a newsletter about gold stocks and other precious metals, is considered by some to be a living legend. He is one of the most accurate and highly regarded investment analysts today.

His book, Technical Analysis is well known in financial and investment circles even though it is now out of print. Copies may still be obtained from second hand book dealers after a long search, but the price would be in the several hundreds of dollars for a copy.

James Dines, financial forecaster, as once called "clairvoyant" by television’s Nightly Business Report and his newsletter is designed to give unique insights into investing and the economy, including gold stocks and precious-metals recommendations. for you.

There are two issued by Dines. The Dines Newsletter and the Interim Warning Bulletin service. The Dines Letter is issued 28 times per year. The Dines Letter focuses on long to medium range forecasts with evidence such as the usual graphs and charts. The Interim Warning Bulletin is a fax or email service that can be issued anytime and gives a more up to date and immediate focus on activities on a day to day basis. This can be important if there is a sudden indicator or change that could affect your portfolio so the Interim Warning Bulletin comes by fax or email.

In effect, as soon as any market-changing events occur that might affect your portfolio, such as a foreign currency crisis, a technical analysis warning or another terrorist attack anywhere in the world, you’ll hear about what you need to do to protect your portfolio. The report supplies Dines short-term guidance relating to immediate "buy" and "sell" decisions that with your gold stocks or gold mining shares for example.

The Dines newsletter subscription rates are:

28 issues of The Dines Letter $535 USD Available for email or postal delivery!

The Interim Warning Bulletin subscription in US dollars is $498 for 2 years, $249 for one year and $150 for a six month subscription.

With a paid subscription you are sent an "Introductory Kit" by Priority Mail (which includes 2 FREE back issues) approximately 10 days after processing. It might then take 2 to 3 weeks before you receive the first issue of your subscription.
If the Dines Letter is sent by email it will be an attachment in PDF format requiring Adobe Reader to open it.

The "Introductory Kit" by Priority Mail (including 2 FREE back issues) is sent approximately 10 days after processing. It can then take 2 to 3 weeks before you receive the first issue of your subscription.

Mr Dines claims the title of "The Original Goldbug" based on his having been the first Wall Street security analyst to have consistently and very outspokenly recommended precious metals assets such as gold stocks.

The Dines Letter is a interesting and informative newsletter to subscribe to.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harry Schultz Letter

The HS Gold Stocks Newsletter or Harry D. Schultz Letter, as it is known, is produced by Chevalier Harry D. Schultz, KHC, KM, KCPR, KCSA, KCSS. Schultz has written a number of books and is considered a founder of the investment Newsletter based in Switzerland and has been producing this newsletter for over 40 years.

According to the International Edition Guinness Book of Records 1981-2000, Harry Schultz is the highest paid investment consultant in the world fetching anywhere from 3500 to 4500 dollars per hour.

Schultz is quoted on a regular basis in various financial books, articles and in interviews including other newsletters. The book, ‘Moneychangers’ by Lewis Dorsey is based upon Schultz.

You can subscribe to his gold stock newsletter on an 8 month trial or for one year or two or four years. Subscription is by credit card and you can nominate either the Newsletter be sent by air mail, email, fax, air mail and email or airmail and fax.
8-month trial - Air Mail - US $284
8-month trial - Email - US $284
8-month trial - Via Fax - US $379
8-month trial - Air Mail and Email - US $348
8-month trial - Air Mail and Fax - US $444

1-year rate - Email - US $382
1-year rate - Air Mail - US $382
1-year rate - Via Fax - US $515
1-year rate - Air Mail and Email - US $474
1-year rate - Air Mail and Fax - US $601

2-year rate - Email - US $654
2-year rate - Air Mail - US $654
2-year rate - Via Fax - US $787+$133 per year
2-year rate - Air Mail and Email - US $746+$92 per year
2-year rate - Air Mail and Fax - US $873+$219 per year

4-year rate - Email - US $1172
4-year rate - Air Mail - US $1172
4-year rate - Via Fax - US $1305+$133 per year
4-year rate - Air Mail and Email - US $1264+$92 per year
4-year rate - Air Mail and Fax - US $1391+$219 per year
There are other options for subscription as well.

The HS Newsletter covers gold stocks as well as gold mining and related issues,

A sample issue had the following as the contents list:
Actions to Take in a Nutshell
Back to the Futures
Big Picture
Govt respect
HSL Investment Box
HSL Model Portfolio
There are also other articles on line and investment information, testimonials, gold stocks and gold mining, currency issues for example.

Lastly one of the testimonials sums up the Harry D. Schultz Letter this way,

"I wouldn't want to do without Harry Schultz Letter. It's a must for global outlook and investing." Ron Paul U.S. Congressman.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ormetal Gold Stocks Newsletter

The Ormetal Gold Stock Newsletter has been around since January 1997. It is based in St-Alexis-Des-Monts, QC, Canada and Claude Cormier, the owner and principal, has more than 30 years experience with the gold and gold markets.

Although Ormetal is Canadian the gold stock market and gold mining stock concentrates in the predominantly US and Canadian markets. The Ormetal Report or newsletter is published biweekly and provides analysis, information and opinions on the mining sector of the global economy.

The report covers:
Metal and mining stocks
Gold Stocks
Gold Shares
Silver Stocks
Silver Shares
Gold market reviews
Junior Mining stocks
US Gold Stocks
Canadian Gold Stocks
Also a review of current market conditions, initial coverage and updates on junior gold mining companies, occasional review of mid-tier and senior gold mining companies, technical charts and a follow up on the performance of their favorite gold mining stocks.

The Ormetal Report is a guide for investors and speculators who buy and sell gold, silver and mining stocks.

The regular issue of the report is published every other week, 24 times per year, with a two week break in December and July.

Market alerts, however, are published on an interim basis when important news or special situations occur.

The newsletter is issued on a regular basis and is a lifetime subscription. The cost is 600 US dollars or 700 Canadian and lasts as long as Ormetal continues publishing the report. Ormetal guarantee a prorate refund if they stop publishing within three years of your subscription. A Subscription includes:
All regular future issues
All interim market alerts when published;
Access to all the indexed archives
All rates include any applicable provincial and federal taxes
Note that subscription is by invitation only from a current subscriber so you will need to get a current subscriber to invite you or you can contact Claude Cormier himself and ask what would be needed for him to invite you.

Gold Stock Bull Newsletter

Gold Stock Bull is a gold stocks newsletter created by Jason Hamlin. As well as gold stocks the newsletter focuses on ways to protect wealth from declining stock markets and inflation. was first created in August 2006 and Hamlin has been continually analysing the precious metals markets on an ongoing basis since then. Some of Mr. Hamlin’s articles have been republished by Yahoo News, Kitco, Gold-Eagle, 321Gold, Seeking Alpha and a number of other publications

You can subscribe to the Gold Stock Portfolio and the Road Less Travelled, the Gold Stock Bull newsletter as well as weekly email trading alerts for 35 US dollars per month. This is different to many other paid newsletters where one pays for a period of time such as six months or a year. Here you simply pay monthly and cancel anytime.

It has been asked that, if Hamlin is making so much money trading why bother having a website like this. His interesting answer follows:
"Good question. Researching and writing analysis on this site helps me to crystallize my thoughts and strategies. It also brings additional discipline to my investing and helps to remove the emotion as I seek to keep my trading consistent with my analysis and recommendations. I also believe in karma and get a sense of personal satisfaction knowing that my research brings good fortune to others. Lastly, I enjoy writing, being online and the learning experience of creating a site like this."
Other questions answered on site include:

Do members learn the trading strategy?
What are exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and why do you use them?
Why do you invest in junior gold miners and explorers?
How many stocks do you hold in the portfolio and how often do you issue buy and sell signals?
How do you provide the trading alerts?
Do you trade our money for us?
Do you sell clients email address and other personal information.
GSB Premium Membership - Monthly ($35 USD) Automatically Billed $35 per Month. Cancel at any time. Also available for those that wish it, Yearly ($350 USD)
Payment is by PayPal and also available is credit card using the Credit Card Secure Transaction system.

As always, it is a good idea do your own due diligence and make your own judgments as far as gold stocks and gold mining companies are concerned. With that in mind, Gold Stock Bull is an interesting newsletter with plenty of information for the prospecting gold stocks investor.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gold Newsletter

Gold newsletter is the oldest gold stock newsletter in existence having been issued every month for well over 30 years.

They report on precious metals and gold mining stocks and shares as well as the gold stock market and gold stock investing.
The report is issued monthly and covers many gold mining companies, including suggested which are the stocks going up and which are the gold stocks going down. Which gold stocks to buy and which gold stocks to sell.

The Gold Newsletter provide timely and profitable analysis of the precious metals and mining share markets and the economic and geopolitical issues that impact them. Included in the report are:
Individual reports on gold mining stocks
Best gold stocks
Gold Penny stocks
Recent gold share prices
Current activities of gold mining companies
Gold shares outstanding
Market capitalization, etc
The gold newsletter was founded by Jim Blanchard in 1971.

Jim Blanchard, formed the National Committee to Legalize Gold in 1971 and spearheaded a nationwide grassroots campaign. He also launched the Jefferson Coin & Bullion, Inc, one of the largest of its kind in the US. Other business ventures he helped start included the Blanchard Group of Funds, which held as much as $1.7 billion under management before being sold in 1995. He also co-founded the Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

He died in March 20, 1999. The Gold Newsletter has since been edited by the noted investment expert Brien Lundin since 1993. An up to date sample is available on site and Sample up to date and a number of gold products are also available for sale for gold bugs.

You can obtain the Gold Newsletter by subscription and the cost for a two year subscription is 396 dollars, A one year subscription is 198 dollars.

If you pay for two years you’ll receive 24 issues of Gold Newsletter by mail or e-mail, plus a FREE, century-old Morgan silver dollar, AND three valuable special reports: “Money Multipliers: Resource Stocks Poised To TRIPLE,” “The Chinese Fortune Cookie Play” and “Good Golly, Miss Molly!”

Also available is a once a week, and more frequently when events dictate, Brien Lundin’s latest market commentary on gold stocks delivered via fax or e-mail. In addition Gene Arensberg’s famed “Got Gold Report,” with deadly-accurate analyses of the physical and paper markets for gold, silver and mining stocks is delivered for those who apply for the special Alert Service.

The Alert Service subscription includes a complimentary one-year subscription to Gold Newsletter, plus three valuable special reports and a century-old Morgan Silver Dollar. Cost is $1,500.00

Payment is via visa, MasterCard(c), Amex or Discover.

The Gold Forecaster is a professional gold stock newsletter that has been around for 3 decades and one that provides much useful information for the new, experienced and long term gold investor.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Zeal LLC Gold Stock Newsletter

Zeal LLC and the Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on Gold Stocks was founded in early 2000 by Adam Hamilton and Scott Wright.

Their Mission Statement is:
"To zealously provide our valued clients with world-class financial information services. To research, analyze, and explore financial-market trends in order to uncover stellar investment and speculation opportunities for our clients. To deliver these services with honor and integrity."
The Zeal LLC Newsletter has subscribers in many parts of the US as well as 55 other countries. Their weekly market-analysis essays are published can be found to be linked to from a number of other financial and investment sites. services include:
Zeal Research weekly Web essays available online
The Zeal Intelligence monthly newsletter
The Zeal Speculator real-time e-mail alert service for active speculators
The Zeal Reports on their favorite individual stocks, and the
Zeal Consulting group.
Zeal Intelligence, is the monthly newsletter, and includes information on:
Commodities-stock research
Gold stocks
Silver stocks
Gold mining stocks
Gold stock investing
Junior Gold and Penny gold stocks
And includes extensive analysis and trading of other commodities and precious metals also.

The Zeal Intelligence Newsletter can be delivered either as a pdf by email or hard copy through the mail. Payments for subscriptions are by credit card with all the usual credit cards, through the PayPal service or pay by check and all Zeal Intelligence Subscriptions are in US dollars.
24 month subscription
Pdf by email $214
Hard copy by post $268
International Air Mail Hardcopy $286

12 month subscription
Pdf by email $119
Hard copy by post $149
International Air Mail Hardcopy $159

6 month subscription
Pdf by email $65
Hard copy by post $80
International Air Mail Hardcopy $90
The Zeal Speculator is an alerts service for subscribers. It is typically published weekly or more often as market conditions dictate. It is designed specifically for more-active speculators who would not only like to be presented with more trading opportunities than are covered in the monthly newsletter, but would also like to learn about these opportunities in a more timely manner. In general trades in Zeal Speculator will be more risky as, compared to Zeal Intelligence, Zeal Speculator launches more options trades, more trades in smaller virtually unknown companies, and more speculative trades in general. It should be noted that the Zeal Speculator is suitable for the more experienced speculator.

Subscription for the Zeal Speculator are by credit card processed via PayPal and for emailed pdf files only. Also cash and check are accepted.

A 12 months Zeal Speculator subscription is $720 US dollars. A 3 month subscription, $200 US dollars.

The Zeal Intelligence Newsletter and the Zeal Speculator Alerts are suitable for the serious, even professional gold stocks investors and speculators.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freemarket Gold & Money Report

The Freemarket Gold & Money Report is a detailed report on gold, gold stocks and shares, and gold’s relationship to currency worldwide. It is a very detailed and comprehensive report and gets right down to the nitty gritty of why the gold price is what it is and what are the factors that influence it.

This gold stock report is issued by James Turk of GoldMoney. According to the website, James has specialised in international banking, finance and investments since graduating in 1969 from George Washington University with a B.A. degree in International Economics. He began his business career with The Chase Manhattan Bank, with whom he worked for eleven years, principally in the International Department, which included assignments in Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

From 1980 to 1983, Mr. Turk was with RTB, Inc., the private investment and trading company of a prominent precious metals trader based in Greenwich, Connecticut. He moved to the Middle East in December 1983 to be appointed Manager of the Commodity Department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. In this position, Mr. Turk was responsible for developing and implementing the investment strategies of that organisations' portfolios of precious metals. Mr. Turk held this position until March 1987.

Since then Mr. Turk has acted as Chief Executive of Greenfield Associates, a firm he established in 1985 to publish his work and to provide investment research and trading advice, principally to investment managers, hedge funds and commodity trading advisors in the United States and Europe.

From 1995 to 1999 he was a Director of Lion Resource Management Ltd. of London, England, a firm which was the sub-advisor to the Midas Fund, a publicly listed mutual fund in the United States that invested in the equities of companies involved in the mining and exploration of precious metals.

Mr. Turk is the Founder of GoldMoney, a new electronic currency for use in ecommerce, which is the result of United States patents awarded to him in September 1997 and June 1999. Details are provided at

Each Freemarket Gold & Money Report letter provides specific advice, with detailed buy and sell recommendations supported by long-term and short-term charts. Topics include gold, gold stocks, gold shares, silver, silver stocks, stock markets, bonds, commodities and currencies.

The Freemarket Gold & Money Report is published twenty times per year. The date of the next emailing is included in every newsletter. Sometimes interim bulletins are issued throughout the year dependent on market conditions.

Subscription Rates in US Dollars are:
Trial of 5 Email Letters is $60
A 1 Year subscription of 20 Email Letters is $220
2 Years, 40 Email Letters $410
3 Years , 60 Email Letters $570

There are, in addition, other plans with savings attached.

The Freemarket Gold & Money Report is an excellent comprehensive report for anyone interested in the gold, silver, gold stocks and silver stocks, currency and commodity markets.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stealth Investor Newsletter

The stealth Investor Newsletter is somewhat different to most gold stock and gold mining company newsletters.

The founder of the Stealth Investor Newsletter is John Pugsley. In the 1960s he write his first book, Common Sense Economics which sold over 150,000 hardcover copies.

In 1975 he began Common Sense Viewpoint, a commentary on economic and political events, reaching 30,000 subscribers at its peak. His second book, The Alpha Strategy, was on the New York Times bestseller list for nine weeks in 1981.

In 1988 he began John Pugsley's Journal. An investment-economic newsletter covering a broad range of political, economic, and investment topics, his Journal continued for 10 years. In addition to two best-selling hardcover books, he is author of the The Copper Play, The Bank Book ,The Metals Investors' Handbook, and The Interest Rate Strategy.

John is also one of the founders and currently Chairman of The Sovereign Society. With its headquarters in Ireland, the Sovereign Society provides legal strategies for individuals to protect and enhance their wealth and privacy, lower their taxes and to help improve their personal freedom and liberty.

Pugsley concentrates on locating, "outstanding companies around the world that are unknown, suppressed, and, most-often, totally avoided by brokers and advisors".

The Stealth investor is available to subscribers but is one of the most expensive of newsletters available. The annual subscription is 2500 US dollars and it is available on a quarterly subscription for 625 US dollars also.

The Stealth Investor is delivered by email once a week to subscribers. It includes information on little known investments in various companies such as mining companies, exploration companies. Including gold mining, penny stocks, gold shares and other potential gold investments.

According to Pugsley:
"Many of the companies brought to your attention in The Stealth Investor will be recommended because of the probability that certain events are highly likely to transpire. For example, a mining company may be exploring certain very prospective properties, or a company may have a certain probability of success in getting some project permitted by government. The suggested limit-order price is often based on a company progressing toward such goals, and unless something changes— e.g., drill results confirm the exploration, or a company gets some permit—the buying limit will probably be maintained. The fact that the price may be rising is not a reason for raising the limit. However, if something does change, then the buying limit will probably be changed."
They also indicate that sometimes they will recommend holding shares even if they have doubled based on certain fundamentals indicating a further rise is in the offing.

Pugsley maintains that they expect to "discover" between 20 and 30 outstanding but dramatically undervalued companies during any 12-month period. But still recommend long term holdings of around 2 years or more.

On the website Pugsley claims a profit target of over 50% per year on the overall portfolio. More details available at the website.

The Stealth Investor Newsletter is very much for the speculator in gold stocks and gold mining and hopefully, with the price being what it is, it very much is a case of getting what you paid for.

Fleckenstein Newsletter produces the Fleckenstein Newsletter. This covers the general market but also includes information on gold stocks and gold mining companies and shares.

Bill Fleckenstein started his newsletter in 1996 so it has been around for over 30 years. Initially it was called the Market Rap with emphasis on the daily events in the financial and commodities markets. You will find that Fleckenstein tends to take a contrarian view when it comes to investments. The newsletter is easily read and suitable for those unfamiliar with the market. It does include information on gold and silver investments including gold stocks, etfs where there is something to report.

A subscription to includes his daily column, an "Ask Fleck" Q&A section, and any other resources posted. The subscription cost is $120 per year.

You can see a sample of Fleckenstein's work in MSN financial section as he posts a rap up there each Sunday evening. You can view the free weekly MSN column, a less-detailed summation of the topics covered in the daily rap. Some of his articles on MSN regarding gold show a distinct preference for holding gold in today’s market.

To subscribe by check (yearly subscription only) you can send a check or money order for $120.00 to: Fleckenstein Capital 1108 19th Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98112
The Fleckenstein Newsletter is a very basic, if contrarian financial view and interesting for the astute investor

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Global Speculator

The Global Speculator is a gold stock newsletter, their website is This is a fairly large website with predominantly information about gold investment. This is an Australia website but caters to the international gold market as it points out on the website:

‘Welcome to The Global Speculator. This website is designed to provide internationally focused gold investors with news and ideas on how to invest and speculate safely and proactively’

The website has been up since before February 2007 and is registered to Jan Traugott-Schwensen. The site is run by two brothers, Troy and Jan Traugott-Schwensen. The site is registered under Trojan Ventures Pty Ltd, an Australian company and based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Troy has spent 7 years in the Accounting and Finance industry and is now a Precious Metals Analyst, Editor of The Global Speculator newsletter and as an investor/trader. Troy writes precious metals related articles for Alan Kohlers Eureka Report, Diggers and Drillers and is a Research Analyst for GoldNerds. Troy has a Bachelor of Business Accountancy from the Queensland University of Technology and is currently a full member of The Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants.

Jan has 12 years experience working as a company accountant, predominantly in the office supplies sector. He is now full time working on the analysis of Precious Metal companies and in the management of the portfolio positions and trading strategies employed by the investment company he runs with his brother Troy. Jan is also a Research Analyst with GoldNerds and additionally involved in the development of the products. Jan has a Bachelor of Business Accountancy from the Queensland University of Technology and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland.

The Global Speculator from is useful for the information it provides on gold mining stocks and gold shares, especially considering it is the right price, free.

Friday, June 5, 2009


BIG GOLD is a gold stocks newsletter issued by the Doug Casey group.

Other newsletters are issued to cover other areas of the financial market such as The Casey Report, International Speculator and Casey Energy Opportunities.

BIG GOLD was launched in April of 2007, to give investors, a place to find the latest trends and the hottest picks in gold.

Some of their past recommendations have been very good.
“Kinross Gold (KGC) - This company is one of the great work horses of the BIG GOLD stocks... a "perpetual money machine" that consistently comes through - UP 62.75% in 10 months.

Newmont Mining (NEM) - One of the largest firms in the BIG GOLD stable of stocks, this stalwart mining company - UP 31.34% in 7 months.

AGNICO EAGLE MINES - (AEM) A Canadian based mining company - UP 21.34% in 3 months.

JINSHAN GOLD MINES INC - (JIN) - China's second largest gold producer - UP 28.25% in 6 months.

streetTRACKS Gold (GLD) - The world's largest gold ETF - UP 32.94% in 8 months.”

Are some examples of their predictions in BIG GOLD since the launch.
BIG GOLD is issued monthly and currently available by subscription for 79 dollars a year. A modest sum by many standards. One can order by phone or online and pay by the usual credit cards.

Each issue gives information on:
Gold stocks and gold shares
Gold junior Stocks
Gold mining stocks
Information on the gold stock market
And general gold stock investing
There is a concise and fast-reading analysis of the economic forces driving today's accelerating gold prices. Also an in-depth investigation into the world's leading gold mining companies... proven companies with developed, producing or near-producing gold and other precious metal deposits.
It includes which gold stocks you should buy right now
Which gold stocks to sell ahead of the crowd... and when
And which gold stocks to avoid... and why.
Also information on gold etfs and up to date news on the gold stocks and shares market.

There are 17 field researchers working night and day researching the "gold nuggets" of information on the best gold stocks and best gold-producing companies in the world.

The BIG GOLD Newsletter is a worth while investment in gold stocks itself.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Global Watch Gold Forecaster

The Global Watch Gold Forecaster is a gold stock newsletter issued by Julian Phillips and Peter Spina. It primarily features information and analysis on gold stocks, gold shares and the gold stock market as well as currencies and other related issues that affect the gold price.

Julian Phillips financial experience is with the London Stock Exchange in currencies and gold. He has written on the relationship of gold and currency in ‘Accountancy and The International Currency Review’.

Julian Phillips has also been a macro economist with the Electricity Supply commission and also with the Chase Manhattan for a period until moving to the U.K. Merchant Bank, Hill Samuel, in Johannesburg, specializing in gold and fund management. Shifting his sights to Capetown, South Africa, he established the Fund Management department of the Board of Executors, which later became part of one of the four, big South African banks.

Julian returned to the "gold world" over four years ago, establishing, Gold - Authentic Money and currently contributes to Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster and the Silver Forecaster.

Peter Spina’s experience with the precious metals market began in the mid-1990s, leading to the creation of in 1995. Back then Peter established the technically-focused subscription newsletter, Gold Seeker Report, which at the start of 2005 was merged into the more comprehensive Gold Forecaster service. Peter also makes frequent appearances in the media, including MarketWatch, Reuters, and theStreet.

In Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster the gold stocks newsletter presents the global picture as it relates to gold, while synthesising these factors to forecast the gold price.

The monthly Newsletter includes regular information about the following:
COT Report
Gold ETF’s
C. Bank sales
Indian gold demand
China’s growth
Oil Prices
U.S. Dollar
Global currencies
Gold: US$ Spot Gold Price
Gold Stocks: HUI
Gold Shares
Gold stocks going up
Gold stocks going down
Gold mining stocks
A 3 month trial subscription runs to 99 dollars with a 6 - Month Subscription - $189. There is also a year’s subscription for $349 which includes one year membership and subscription to Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster. Payment can be by PayPal or credit card using the secure Authorize.Net system.

A sample newsletter is available online in pdf format. The Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster is an all round financial analyst concentrating on the gold stock and gold shares market and currencies

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

J Taylor's Gold Energy & Tech Stocks Newsletter

J Taylor produces a monthly Gold Energy and Tech Stocks Newsletter covering gold stocks and gold shares as well as related subjects, information on gold mining companies and explorers.

They also offer subscribers a Day of Press e-mail Service as well as the J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks Newsletter on the same day that their sixteen to twenty page monthly issues go to press. In addition subscribers receive a written transcript of their weekly telephone hotline messages used to:
Provide political and economic commentary
Make new buy/sell recommendations and
Update subscribers on important news that took place during the week just ended.
J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks are published both monthly and weekly. In the letter for subscribers are:
Numerous gold and silver mining stocks, oil, gas, uranium stocks, essential technology stocks;
An investment portfolio that has gained over 300% since the bear market in stocks began in 2000;
J. Taylor's proprietary Inflation/Deflation Indicator;
Numerous interviews with independent thinking investment professionals.
Mr. Taylor is editor of the J Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter. Originating from Ohio Mr Taylor has resided in New York since 1973 when he began working there for Barclay’s Bank International. His interest in the role gold has played in U.S. monetary history led him to research gold and into analysing and investing in junior gold shares.

According to the website, 'In 1981 he began publishing North American Gold Mining Stocks, which preceded his current newsletter. His continuing interest in gold mining prompted him to study geology at Hunter College in New York City, supplementing his MBA in Finance & Investments. Throughout his career Mr. Taylor worked as a commercial, then as an investment banker. Most recently, he worked in the mining and metals group of ING Barings in New York. Prior to that he was involved in the first gold loan made in modern times in the U.S. to Amax Minerals, a 250,000 oz. loan facility led by Citicorp.'

Resigning from ING Barings in 1997, he has since to devoted himself full time to researching mining & technology stocks, writing his newsletter and assisting companies in raising venture capital.

J Taylor offers two forms of subscription. Email and postal. Both cost the same and are set out as:
3 years for US $399
2 years for US $329
1 year for US $179
6 months for US $99
3 month trial for US $59
This includes the J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks Newsletter via email or postal delivery as well as access to their weekly telephone hotline message used to provide political and economic commentary Make new buy/sell recommendations and Update subscribers on important news that took place during the week just ended.

Payment for the service can be either by standard credit card or through

There is a lot of useful information on site including some reports and Mr Taylor also appears regularly in the media on various programs, a schedule of which can be found also on site.

The J. Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks Newsletter is useful for up today happenings in the gold stock and gold share markets.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gold World

Gold World is a gold stock newsletter run by Greg McCoach and Luke Burgess. Unlike many gold stock newsletters one can subscribe to this is free. One simply signs up on the website and, once the email address is confirmed, then the Gold stock Report is delivered on a regular basis.

Greg McCoach has been involved with the precious metals industry as a bullion dealer and newsletter writer for the last 7 years Mr. McCoach's has around 30 years of business experience and contacts in the gold stock mining industry providing a unique insights that have generated an impressive track record for The Mining Speculator since its inception in 2001. He also spreads his vast knowledge of the precious metals markets in a weekly column for Gold World and is the President of AmeriGold, a gold bullion dealer.

Luke Burgess on the other hand is one of a new generation of investors who have become fascinated with the intrinsic and universal value of gold and the small-cap company's that chase the yellow metal.

Luke is on record as stating, "The dollar is in an irreversible death spiral, ... and the stability of societies around the world are becoming more and more fragile by the day as political and religious factions continue to furiously battle. It's as simple as this: There are absolutely no fundamentals out there right now that point to lower gold prices. So, buy physical gold? Yes, absolutely!"

Luke is currently the managing editor of Secret Stock Files, Extreme Opportunities, and Gold World. He also frequently writes for other publications, including Energy and Capital and Wealth Daily, and has his articles have been published at investment sites and He has been a guest on countless radio programs like Trader's Nation, The Bill Meyer Show, Sound Investing Radio, The Brent Clanton Show, Stock Doctor, The Economic Contrarian, On the Money, The Andre Eggelation Show, KXYZ Biz Radio, and Investments Advisor Review.

Most of the companies mentioned about in Gold World don't actually mine any metals. Instead, they're largely explorers drilling for gold, silver, copper, uranium, nickel, zinc, molybdenum. Then, when they make a discovery, they'll often sell their properties for exorbitant profits. And that's when investors walk away loaded.

With the subscription to Gold World free this is a worthwhile newsletter to have about gold stocks and gold speculation. You can cancel your subscription anytime, no questions asked. There is a privacy policy and guarantee your email address will not be passed around.

There are also videos available online with useful information to complement the Gold World gold stock newsletter.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Aden Forecast

The Aden Forecast is a 3 column 12 page Gold stock newsletter issued by Mary Anne Aden and Pamela Aden.

The Aden’s have been analysts, writers and lecturers in the gold stock newsletter business for around 30 years. They are the co-editors, writers and publishers of The Aden Forecast, a monthly investment journal specializing primarily in the U.S stock market, mutual funds, gold stocks and other stocks.

On their website the Aden sisters explain the type of analysis they use to forecast the markets. This is a combination of the two traditional methods of technical and fundamental.

The comprehensive monthly report covers such things as:
This includes charts, forecasts, news items and reports on current companies and activities in the U.S financial markets.

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are professional money managers, based in San Jose, Costa Rico. They have authored many reports and articles and speak at various investment seminars around the world. Their work has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barron's, The London Financial Times, as well as CNBC business news and the international television documentary, Women of the World.

According to Robert Kephart, “The Aden Forecast has one of the most remarkable track records among several dozen investment publications I read regularly.”

As well as The Aden Forecast covering all of the major investment markets with explanations, and technical analysis each month, there is also a weekly update issued to subscribers.

To get the Aden Forecast Journal one needs to subscribe to it. The Subscription required is 65 USD for 3 months, 125 dollars for 6 months and 250 dollars for a full year. You can choose if you want it in hard copy airmailed to you or if you want to download it online. Payment is by credit card, Visa, MasterCard© or American Express.

There is a sample from the year 2007 on site you can download to see the type of contents you can expect to see and view how the Aden Forecast is presented.

Gold Letter

Gold letter is a free online gold stock report predominantly covering Europe and the Baltic Countries.

Goldletter International is an independent gold and gold stock investment source in Continental Europe, focusing primarily on the global gold resource and development industry.

Goldletter International particularly features emerging gold mining regions in the world, including Russia, Central-Asia, China, Mongolia, Latin-America and West-Africa, as well as Canada and the US in Special Region Reports, including overviews of gold exploration and gold mining development companies active in these regions. So is a good newsletter to read to pick up any new and emerging gold explorations.

Goldletter International looks for emerging international gold mining companies for exposure within the European (professional) investment community.

Goldletter International also publish individual Company reports as Special Situation, as well as quarterly updated Special Reports on emerging mining regions in the world, with the emphasis on gold and uranium, but also including other metals.
Gold Letter is issued by Marino G. Pieterse. As well as the editor of Goldletter International he is also the editor of Uranium letter International

Marino spent seven years as a Senior Investment Officer, including four years as Vice-President, for a Dutch Investment House. Since then Marino has been an independent strategic and gold analyst for over 30 years.

Marino is a regular Speaker at worldwide Gold and Uranium conferences and is an organizer of road shows in Europe to give companies exposure to the professional investment community.

The Goldletter is a pdf file which one can read online or download and read. It contains much detailed information about various emerging gold mines and gold fields. There is detailed information about the various governments involved and how they relate to the gold companies. This can be very useful as it gives a clear insight into what can be expected in terms of governmental assistance or hindrances to gold exploration and gold mining. The environment can have a big affect on gold exploration and governments are very sensitive to this factor.

This is a very comprehensive gold newsletter and it is at the right price. Free.

The Gold Letter is certainly a gold stock newsletter one would want to read on a regular basis.