Friday, June 26, 2009

Market Force Analysis Newsletter

The Market Force Analysis Newsletter, including a regular analysis of the gold stocks and gold futures markets along with other commodities, is produced by Adrian Douglas.

The website is and has been registered since August 2006 and online since March 2007.

Adrian Douglas graduated from Cambridge University in 1980 in Natural Sciences then worked for 20 years in the Oil & Gas Industry with Schlumberger reaching a senior management position in Marketing and Sales. Adrian is known for having established a highly successful consultancy business specializing in pricing and marketing called InnovoMark, or Innovative Marketing, during which he developed methodologies related to pricing and marketing which have since been incorporated into various proprietary training programs.

Adrian has developed a unique algorithm and methodology to analyzing financial futures markets called "Market Force AnalysisTM" (MFATM). John Embry of Sprott Asset Management, has spoken of the technique on ROBTV on Canadian Television.

Adrian also makes a daily contribution to commenting on precious metals and the financial markets in general. Many of his specialized articles have been published at the le metropole cafe and can be found in the "published articles' section.

Market Force Analysis is a different approach to commodity market analysis and so can be applied to the gold stock market and gold mining stocks and shares markets. According to the web site:
"A unique algorithm has been developed to extract supply and demand from futures market data. The difference between supply and demand is the market imbalance which is called market force, so named because it is that which drives price. This is an extremely powerful and accurate way of analyzing commodity markets. It brings clarity to past market action and predicts future market trends. It allows the market of any commodity to be characterized as Bull, Bear or neutral and it indicates good entry and exit points for market participants."
It is a very comprehensive newsletter on gold stocks as well as gold market forces and is available in two versions. The standard Report for individual users and the Premium Report for professional users.

One applies for a subscription by membership and there are two memberships available.

Pro Membership with a $3000 Annual Subscription and automatic renewal
This is for professional users. It allows a commercial use. All commodities are Premium level with commodities individually charged at a monthly rate in addition to membership.

The Pro Membership Free Trial is available for three months. Note that commodities are charged individually at a monthly rate during this free membership period and all commodities are at premium level.

Membership for individual and personal use only is free. Note that commodities are charged individually on a monthly basis with automatic renewal. All commodities are Standard level except gold & silver which is offered at a Premium level.

The Market Force Analysis Newsletter provides an excellent in depth analysis of gold stocks and market forces relating to gold issues and is well worth an individual subscription.

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