Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Aden Forecast

The Aden Forecast is a 3 column 12 page Gold stock newsletter issued by Mary Anne Aden and Pamela Aden.

The Aden’s have been analysts, writers and lecturers in the gold stock newsletter business for around 30 years. They are the co-editors, writers and publishers of The Aden Forecast, a monthly investment journal specializing primarily in the U.S stock market, mutual funds, gold stocks and other stocks.

On their website the Aden sisters explain the type of analysis they use to forecast the markets. This is a combination of the two traditional methods of technical and fundamental.

The comprehensive monthly report covers such things as:
This includes charts, forecasts, news items and reports on current companies and activities in the U.S financial markets.

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden are professional money managers, based in San Jose, Costa Rico. They have authored many reports and articles and speak at various investment seminars around the world. Their work has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barron's, The London Financial Times, as well as CNBC business news and the international television documentary, Women of the World.

According to Robert Kephart, “The Aden Forecast has one of the most remarkable track records among several dozen investment publications I read regularly.”

As well as The Aden Forecast covering all of the major investment markets with explanations, and technical analysis each month, there is also a weekly update issued to subscribers.

To get the Aden Forecast Journal one needs to subscribe to it. The Subscription required is 65 USD for 3 months, 125 dollars for 6 months and 250 dollars for a full year. You can choose if you want it in hard copy airmailed to you or if you want to download it online. Payment is by credit card, Visa, MasterCard© or American Express.

There is a sample from the year 2007 on site you can download to see the type of contents you can expect to see and view how the Aden Forecast is presented.

Gold Letter

Gold letter is a free online gold stock report predominantly covering Europe and the Baltic Countries.

Goldletter International is an independent gold and gold stock investment source in Continental Europe, focusing primarily on the global gold resource and development industry.

Goldletter International particularly features emerging gold mining regions in the world, including Russia, Central-Asia, China, Mongolia, Latin-America and West-Africa, as well as Canada and the US in Special Region Reports, including overviews of gold exploration and gold mining development companies active in these regions. So is a good newsletter to read to pick up any new and emerging gold explorations.

Goldletter International looks for emerging international gold mining companies for exposure within the European (professional) investment community.

Goldletter International also publish individual Company reports as Special Situation, as well as quarterly updated Special Reports on emerging mining regions in the world, with the emphasis on gold and uranium, but also including other metals.
Gold Letter is issued by Marino G. Pieterse. As well as the editor of Goldletter International he is also the editor of Uranium letter International

Marino spent seven years as a Senior Investment Officer, including four years as Vice-President, for a Dutch Investment House. Since then Marino has been an independent strategic and gold analyst for over 30 years.

Marino is a regular Speaker at worldwide Gold and Uranium conferences and is an organizer of road shows in Europe to give companies exposure to the professional investment community.

The Goldletter is a pdf file which one can read online or download and read. It contains much detailed information about various emerging gold mines and gold fields. There is detailed information about the various governments involved and how they relate to the gold companies. This can be very useful as it gives a clear insight into what can be expected in terms of governmental assistance or hindrances to gold exploration and gold mining. The environment can have a big affect on gold exploration and governments are very sensitive to this factor.

This is a very comprehensive gold newsletter and it is at the right price. Free.

The Gold Letter is certainly a gold stock newsletter one would want to read on a regular basis.