Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dines Letter

James Dines, the originator of Dines newsletter, a newsletter about gold stocks and other precious metals, is considered by some to be a living legend. He is one of the most accurate and highly regarded investment analysts today.

His book, Technical Analysis is well known in financial and investment circles even though it is now out of print. Copies may still be obtained from second hand book dealers after a long search, but the price would be in the several hundreds of dollars for a copy.

James Dines, financial forecaster, as once called "clairvoyant" by television’s Nightly Business Report and his newsletter is designed to give unique insights into investing and the economy, including gold stocks and precious-metals recommendations. for you.

There are two issued by Dines. The Dines Newsletter and the Interim Warning Bulletin service. The Dines Letter is issued 28 times per year. The Dines Letter focuses on long to medium range forecasts with evidence such as the usual graphs and charts. The Interim Warning Bulletin is a fax or email service that can be issued anytime and gives a more up to date and immediate focus on activities on a day to day basis. This can be important if there is a sudden indicator or change that could affect your portfolio so the Interim Warning Bulletin comes by fax or email.

In effect, as soon as any market-changing events occur that might affect your portfolio, such as a foreign currency crisis, a technical analysis warning or another terrorist attack anywhere in the world, you’ll hear about what you need to do to protect your portfolio. The report supplies Dines short-term guidance relating to immediate "buy" and "sell" decisions that with your gold stocks or gold mining shares for example.

The Dines newsletter subscription rates are:

28 issues of The Dines Letter $535 USD Available for email or postal delivery!

The Interim Warning Bulletin subscription in US dollars is $498 for 2 years, $249 for one year and $150 for a six month subscription.

With a paid subscription you are sent an "Introductory Kit" by Priority Mail (which includes 2 FREE back issues) approximately 10 days after processing. It might then take 2 to 3 weeks before you receive the first issue of your subscription.
If the Dines Letter is sent by email it will be an attachment in PDF format requiring Adobe Reader to open it.

The "Introductory Kit" by Priority Mail (including 2 FREE back issues) is sent approximately 10 days after processing. It can then take 2 to 3 weeks before you receive the first issue of your subscription.

Mr Dines claims the title of "The Original Goldbug" based on his having been the first Wall Street security analyst to have consistently and very outspokenly recommended precious metals assets such as gold stocks.

The Dines Letter is a interesting and informative newsletter to subscribe to.

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