Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Exploration Insights Newsletter

The Exploration Insights Newsletter is primarily concerned with gold mining and resource mining companies and stocks. Brent Cook is the editor and publisher.

The Exploration Insights newsletter was launched in February 2008, and selectively covers gold stocks and gold junior mining and exploration investment opportunities.

Brent Cook, is a well known a renowned Exploration Analyst and Geologist, with over twenty-five years of experience providing economic and geologic evaluations to major mining companies, resource funds and investors. Cook has worked in over 50 countries on almost every mineral deposit type ranging from grassroots projects through feasibility studies and bank audits. He was the principal Mining and Exploration Analyst to Global Resource Investments in 2003 where he provided analysis to retail brokers and two in-house funds.

Cook has earned a reputation for doing the research and spotting which junior gold mining and exploration companies have the best chance of beating the odds and where rocks have the greatest potential for producing profit. Cook is an experienced professional geologist who has examined properties in more than 60 countries as well as learning the investment side of the business from such masters as Rick Rule.

Brent originally inherited investor/analyst editor Paul van Eeden's newsletter and re-purposed it into Exploration Insights.

Exploration Insights offers the sophisticated speculator independent and unbiased analysis of the junior mining and exploration market. It is written and produced on a weekly basis by Brent Cook, a veteran geologist and mining stock analyst.

Brent Cook is often on the road. Some of that time away is spent speaking at resource and investment conferences across the world. You can Check out the events listing on the website to see where Brent is speaking next.

Subscription to the Exploration Insights Newsletter is a flat US$1,985 per annum. You can save 15% off the annual subscription rate by making use of their monthly auto-bill feature also. The monthly rate is US$140 charged to your Visa or MasterCard.

Exploration Insights offers a ground zero analysis of gold stocks and gold mining companies, with particular attention to up and coming junior gold stocks and so could be well worth an investment for the professional gold stocks investor.

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