Friday, June 19, 2009

Zeal LLC Gold Stock Newsletter

Zeal LLC and the Zeal Intelligence Newsletter on Gold Stocks was founded in early 2000 by Adam Hamilton and Scott Wright.

Their Mission Statement is:
"To zealously provide our valued clients with world-class financial information services. To research, analyze, and explore financial-market trends in order to uncover stellar investment and speculation opportunities for our clients. To deliver these services with honor and integrity."
The Zeal LLC Newsletter has subscribers in many parts of the US as well as 55 other countries. Their weekly market-analysis essays are published can be found to be linked to from a number of other financial and investment sites. services include:
Zeal Research weekly Web essays available online
The Zeal Intelligence monthly newsletter
The Zeal Speculator real-time e-mail alert service for active speculators
The Zeal Reports on their favorite individual stocks, and the
Zeal Consulting group.
Zeal Intelligence, is the monthly newsletter, and includes information on:
Commodities-stock research
Gold stocks
Silver stocks
Gold mining stocks
Gold stock investing
Junior Gold and Penny gold stocks
And includes extensive analysis and trading of other commodities and precious metals also.

The Zeal Intelligence Newsletter can be delivered either as a pdf by email or hard copy through the mail. Payments for subscriptions are by credit card with all the usual credit cards, through the PayPal service or pay by check and all Zeal Intelligence Subscriptions are in US dollars.
24 month subscription
Pdf by email $214
Hard copy by post $268
International Air Mail Hardcopy $286

12 month subscription
Pdf by email $119
Hard copy by post $149
International Air Mail Hardcopy $159

6 month subscription
Pdf by email $65
Hard copy by post $80
International Air Mail Hardcopy $90
The Zeal Speculator is an alerts service for subscribers. It is typically published weekly or more often as market conditions dictate. It is designed specifically for more-active speculators who would not only like to be presented with more trading opportunities than are covered in the monthly newsletter, but would also like to learn about these opportunities in a more timely manner. In general trades in Zeal Speculator will be more risky as, compared to Zeal Intelligence, Zeal Speculator launches more options trades, more trades in smaller virtually unknown companies, and more speculative trades in general. It should be noted that the Zeal Speculator is suitable for the more experienced speculator.

Subscription for the Zeal Speculator are by credit card processed via PayPal and for emailed pdf files only. Also cash and check are accepted.

A 12 months Zeal Speculator subscription is $720 US dollars. A 3 month subscription, $200 US dollars.

The Zeal Intelligence Newsletter and the Zeal Speculator Alerts are suitable for the serious, even professional gold stocks investors and speculators.

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