Friday, June 5, 2009


BIG GOLD is a gold stocks newsletter issued by the Doug Casey group.

Other newsletters are issued to cover other areas of the financial market such as The Casey Report, International Speculator and Casey Energy Opportunities.

BIG GOLD was launched in April of 2007, to give investors, a place to find the latest trends and the hottest picks in gold.

Some of their past recommendations have been very good.
“Kinross Gold (KGC) - This company is one of the great work horses of the BIG GOLD stocks... a "perpetual money machine" that consistently comes through - UP 62.75% in 10 months.

Newmont Mining (NEM) - One of the largest firms in the BIG GOLD stable of stocks, this stalwart mining company - UP 31.34% in 7 months.

AGNICO EAGLE MINES - (AEM) A Canadian based mining company - UP 21.34% in 3 months.

JINSHAN GOLD MINES INC - (JIN) - China's second largest gold producer - UP 28.25% in 6 months.

streetTRACKS Gold (GLD) - The world's largest gold ETF - UP 32.94% in 8 months.”

Are some examples of their predictions in BIG GOLD since the launch.
BIG GOLD is issued monthly and currently available by subscription for 79 dollars a year. A modest sum by many standards. One can order by phone or online and pay by the usual credit cards.

Each issue gives information on:
Gold stocks and gold shares
Gold junior Stocks
Gold mining stocks
Information on the gold stock market
And general gold stock investing
There is a concise and fast-reading analysis of the economic forces driving today's accelerating gold prices. Also an in-depth investigation into the world's leading gold mining companies... proven companies with developed, producing or near-producing gold and other precious metal deposits.
It includes which gold stocks you should buy right now
Which gold stocks to sell ahead of the crowd... and when
And which gold stocks to avoid... and why.
Also information on gold etfs and up to date news on the gold stocks and shares market.

There are 17 field researchers working night and day researching the "gold nuggets" of information on the best gold stocks and best gold-producing companies in the world.

The BIG GOLD Newsletter is a worth while investment in gold stocks itself.

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