Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Global Watch Gold Forecaster

The Global Watch Gold Forecaster is a gold stock newsletter issued by Julian Phillips and Peter Spina. It primarily features information and analysis on gold stocks, gold shares and the gold stock market as well as currencies and other related issues that affect the gold price.

Julian Phillips financial experience is with the London Stock Exchange in currencies and gold. He has written on the relationship of gold and currency in ‘Accountancy and The International Currency Review’.

Julian Phillips has also been a macro economist with the Electricity Supply commission and also with the Chase Manhattan for a period until moving to the U.K. Merchant Bank, Hill Samuel, in Johannesburg, specializing in gold and fund management. Shifting his sights to Capetown, South Africa, he established the Fund Management department of the Board of Executors, which later became part of one of the four, big South African banks.

Julian returned to the "gold world" over four years ago, establishing, Gold - Authentic Money and currently contributes to Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster and the Silver Forecaster.

Peter Spina’s experience with the precious metals market began in the mid-1990s, leading to the creation of in 1995. Back then Peter established the technically-focused subscription newsletter, Gold Seeker Report, which at the start of 2005 was merged into the more comprehensive Gold Forecaster service. Peter also makes frequent appearances in the media, including MarketWatch, Reuters, and theStreet.

In Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster the gold stocks newsletter presents the global picture as it relates to gold, while synthesising these factors to forecast the gold price.

The monthly Newsletter includes regular information about the following:
COT Report
Gold ETF’s
C. Bank sales
Indian gold demand
China’s growth
Oil Prices
U.S. Dollar
Global currencies
Gold: US$ Spot Gold Price
Gold Stocks: HUI
Gold Shares
Gold stocks going up
Gold stocks going down
Gold mining stocks
A 3 month trial subscription runs to 99 dollars with a 6 - Month Subscription - $189. There is also a year’s subscription for $349 which includes one year membership and subscription to Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster. Payment can be by PayPal or credit card using the secure Authorize.Net system.

A sample newsletter is available online in pdf format. The Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster is an all round financial analyst concentrating on the gold stock and gold shares market and currencies

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