Monday, June 22, 2009

Ormetal Gold Stocks Newsletter

The Ormetal Gold Stock Newsletter has been around since January 1997. It is based in St-Alexis-Des-Monts, QC, Canada and Claude Cormier, the owner and principal, has more than 30 years experience with the gold and gold markets.

Although Ormetal is Canadian the gold stock market and gold mining stock concentrates in the predominantly US and Canadian markets. The Ormetal Report or newsletter is published biweekly and provides analysis, information and opinions on the mining sector of the global economy.

The report covers:
Metal and mining stocks
Gold Stocks
Gold Shares
Silver Stocks
Silver Shares
Gold market reviews
Junior Mining stocks
US Gold Stocks
Canadian Gold Stocks
Also a review of current market conditions, initial coverage and updates on junior gold mining companies, occasional review of mid-tier and senior gold mining companies, technical charts and a follow up on the performance of their favorite gold mining stocks.

The Ormetal Report is a guide for investors and speculators who buy and sell gold, silver and mining stocks.

The regular issue of the report is published every other week, 24 times per year, with a two week break in December and July.

Market alerts, however, are published on an interim basis when important news or special situations occur.

The newsletter is issued on a regular basis and is a lifetime subscription. The cost is 600 US dollars or 700 Canadian and lasts as long as Ormetal continues publishing the report. Ormetal guarantee a prorate refund if they stop publishing within three years of your subscription. A Subscription includes:
All regular future issues
All interim market alerts when published;
Access to all the indexed archives
All rates include any applicable provincial and federal taxes
Note that subscription is by invitation only from a current subscriber so you will need to get a current subscriber to invite you or you can contact Claude Cormier himself and ask what would be needed for him to invite you.

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