Monday, June 22, 2009

Gold Stock Bull Newsletter

Gold Stock Bull is a gold stocks newsletter created by Jason Hamlin. As well as gold stocks the newsletter focuses on ways to protect wealth from declining stock markets and inflation. was first created in August 2006 and Hamlin has been continually analysing the precious metals markets on an ongoing basis since then. Some of Mr. Hamlin’s articles have been republished by Yahoo News, Kitco, Gold-Eagle, 321Gold, Seeking Alpha and a number of other publications

You can subscribe to the Gold Stock Portfolio and the Road Less Travelled, the Gold Stock Bull newsletter as well as weekly email trading alerts for 35 US dollars per month. This is different to many other paid newsletters where one pays for a period of time such as six months or a year. Here you simply pay monthly and cancel anytime.

It has been asked that, if Hamlin is making so much money trading why bother having a website like this. His interesting answer follows:
"Good question. Researching and writing analysis on this site helps me to crystallize my thoughts and strategies. It also brings additional discipline to my investing and helps to remove the emotion as I seek to keep my trading consistent with my analysis and recommendations. I also believe in karma and get a sense of personal satisfaction knowing that my research brings good fortune to others. Lastly, I enjoy writing, being online and the learning experience of creating a site like this."
Other questions answered on site include:

Do members learn the trading strategy?
What are exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and why do you use them?
Why do you invest in junior gold miners and explorers?
How many stocks do you hold in the portfolio and how often do you issue buy and sell signals?
How do you provide the trading alerts?
Do you trade our money for us?
Do you sell clients email address and other personal information.
GSB Premium Membership - Monthly ($35 USD) Automatically Billed $35 per Month. Cancel at any time. Also available for those that wish it, Yearly ($350 USD)
Payment is by PayPal and also available is credit card using the Credit Card Secure Transaction system.

As always, it is a good idea do your own due diligence and make your own judgments as far as gold stocks and gold mining companies are concerned. With that in mind, Gold Stock Bull is an interesting newsletter with plenty of information for the prospecting gold stocks investor.

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