Friday, June 12, 2009

Stealth Investor Newsletter

The stealth Investor Newsletter is somewhat different to most gold stock and gold mining company newsletters.

The founder of the Stealth Investor Newsletter is John Pugsley. In the 1960s he write his first book, Common Sense Economics which sold over 150,000 hardcover copies.

In 1975 he began Common Sense Viewpoint, a commentary on economic and political events, reaching 30,000 subscribers at its peak. His second book, The Alpha Strategy, was on the New York Times bestseller list for nine weeks in 1981.

In 1988 he began John Pugsley's Journal. An investment-economic newsletter covering a broad range of political, economic, and investment topics, his Journal continued for 10 years. In addition to two best-selling hardcover books, he is author of the The Copper Play, The Bank Book ,The Metals Investors' Handbook, and The Interest Rate Strategy.

John is also one of the founders and currently Chairman of The Sovereign Society. With its headquarters in Ireland, the Sovereign Society provides legal strategies for individuals to protect and enhance their wealth and privacy, lower their taxes and to help improve their personal freedom and liberty.

Pugsley concentrates on locating, "outstanding companies around the world that are unknown, suppressed, and, most-often, totally avoided by brokers and advisors".

The Stealth investor is available to subscribers but is one of the most expensive of newsletters available. The annual subscription is 2500 US dollars and it is available on a quarterly subscription for 625 US dollars also.

The Stealth Investor is delivered by email once a week to subscribers. It includes information on little known investments in various companies such as mining companies, exploration companies. Including gold mining, penny stocks, gold shares and other potential gold investments.

According to Pugsley:
"Many of the companies brought to your attention in The Stealth Investor will be recommended because of the probability that certain events are highly likely to transpire. For example, a mining company may be exploring certain very prospective properties, or a company may have a certain probability of success in getting some project permitted by government. The suggested limit-order price is often based on a company progressing toward such goals, and unless something changes— e.g., drill results confirm the exploration, or a company gets some permit—the buying limit will probably be maintained. The fact that the price may be rising is not a reason for raising the limit. However, if something does change, then the buying limit will probably be changed."
They also indicate that sometimes they will recommend holding shares even if they have doubled based on certain fundamentals indicating a further rise is in the offing.

Pugsley maintains that they expect to "discover" between 20 and 30 outstanding but dramatically undervalued companies during any 12-month period. But still recommend long term holdings of around 2 years or more.

On the website Pugsley claims a profit target of over 50% per year on the overall portfolio. More details available at the website.

The Stealth Investor Newsletter is very much for the speculator in gold stocks and gold mining and hopefully, with the price being what it is, it very much is a case of getting what you paid for.

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