Sunday, July 12, 2009

WallStreetWindow Newsletter

The WallStreetWindow Newsletter is produced by Mike Swanson.

Swanson holds a Masters Degree in history from the University of Virginia and has been a professional trader for over 6 years. He is also the head of the Strategic Investment Committee for Daniel Capital Management.

WallStreetWindow has a predecessor. Began in 1999 a small investment newsletter known as The Stock Market Report, primarily distributed to a few close friends and business associates only. On the basis of that and Swanson's ability to find profitable investment opportunities, the WallStreetWindow was launched. With now over 16,000 subscribers. This success led to a rise in demand for access to his research, and Mike started the successful website WallStreetWindow, that now has over 16,000 subscribers. Since its formation, his popularity as "TraderMike" has continued to grow, and the accuracy and timeliness of his research has paid dividends for his many subscribers, particularly in gold stocks.

Mike Swanson was one of those that, in the first quarter of 2002, recommended gold stocks as a healthy future investment. This was a highly successful prediction as we know with gold stocks, the gold price and gold futures then rising over 150 percent, and Swanson still favors gold stocks and still promotes them.

A subscription to WallStreetWindow is free and each issue contains free investment ideas, market commentary, and educational material.

Membership is confidential and WallStreetWindow do not share or distribute your email with anyone. When you subscribe you receive an update on the gold market every week along with actionable investment ideas that you can turn into real money.
Some of the topics on the website include:
Stock Market News
Gold Stocks
Technical Analysis
Stock Picks
Emerging Markets
Gold Mining Stocks
Gold Futures
As a free newsletter with some useful information, advice and educational material, the WallStreetWindow is certainly worth a go.

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